The Success Story of RESTCONF 2020

We can’t wait to welcome you at the International Conference on Research in Engineering, Science and Technology in 2021. It’s the event with a long history, with 10 editions, each pushing the standards of quality even higher.

Hosted on the 21st-23rd of February, 2020 in Rome, Italy, the 10th edition of RESTCONF was attended by a truly international audience from such countries as Brazil, Bangladesh, Iraq, China, Turkey, Poland, Algeria, Latvia, Norway, Italy, Taiwan, and many others. The learning environment created by both the attendees and the prestigious speaker panel was inspiring. Covering a wide range of topics – mobile applications and discrete event systems, air modal perishable cargo dispatch, a positioning system for total hip replacement operations, and others – the program, designed by our highly experienced and knowledgeable scientific committee, received glowing feedback from the attendees.

Everyone was there – scholars, researchers, post-graduate students, members of non-profit and research institutions, and representatives of government agencies. The diversity of the audience is what made conversations so engaging and learning experience so unique.

We hope to see you at the 2021 edition of the event. Make sure to add RESTCONF to your calendar as it’s not a conference you want to miss out on!

Highlighted Speakers

AuthorArticle TitleAffiliation
Prof. Thiago Augusto Santos FerreiraMobile Applications and Discrete Event Systems: Low Cost Technology to Assist Stock Management in an Orthopedic ClinicCentro Universitário de Belo Horizonte (UNIBH), Brazil
Prof. Lucas Magno Resende CoelhoAir Modal Perishable Cargo Dispatch: Case Study of a Sustainable Proposal Assisted by Process Modeling and SimulationCentro Universitário de Belo Horizonte (UNIBH), Brazil
Dr. Maria Sielicka-RozynskaHealth-promoting ingredients in design of gluten-free cookiesPoznań University of Economics and Business, Poland
Dr. Sibel KasapProduction of Three Dimensional Foamy-Like Graphene Structures for Different Applicationssabanci university, nanotechnology research and application center (SUNUM), Turkey
Prof. Inga KlimczakTHE INFLUENCE OF WILD ROSE EXTRACT ON THE COLOR OF CLOUDY APPLE JUICEPoznań University of Economics and Business, Poland
Mr. Morteza AlijaniCalculate the optimum threshold for double energy detection technique in cognitive radio networks (CRNs)University of Trento, ITALY
Prof. Chun-Ta ChenA Positioning System for Total Hip Replacement OperationDepartment of Mechatronic Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Mr. Dāvis PetrovicsConfining the test-space for greater reproducibility in environment conditions and more precise measurements for sliding over iceRiga Technical University, Latvia
Prof. Arbouche RafikCURRENT STATUS OF DAIRY CATTLE BREEDING AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE TECHNICAL OPERATING LOGIC OF FARMS IN THE SAHARIAN REGIONS OF ALGERIADepartment of Agronomy, Faculty of Life and Earth Sciences, University of Ghardaia, Ghardaia 47000 Algeria
Prof. ArboucheRafikCOTURNICULTURE IN ALGERIA PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND INCUBATION PARAMETERS OF EGGS OF THREE DOMINANT STRAINS.Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Life and Earth Sciences, University of Ghardaia, Ghardaia 47000 Algeria
Mr. Roja HamadRepercussion of Petroleum Industry and Vehicle Emissions on Kirkuk Air Quality Using GISDNO ASA Company, Norway
Dr. Samet ŞahinEnzymatic electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide using carbon nano-structuresBilecik Şeyh Edebali University, Turkey
Dr. Veli ŞimşekRemoval of RRD 120 textile dye from industrial wastewater using silica-based mesoporous materialBilecik Şeyh Edebali University, Turkey