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Welcome to the 7th International Conference on Advanced Research in Management, Business, and Finance, an eminent gathering scheduled from April 19th to 21st, 2024, set against the enchanting backdrop of Athens, Greece. This event serves as a pivotal junction for fostering knowledge and networking within the realms of business, management, and finance.

Why Attend the International Business Conference 2024?

Engaging in this International Conference presents a unique opportunity to interface with global thought leaders, receive invaluable feedback on your research, share your discoveries, and cultivate connections with peers and academics from across the globe. It’s an immersive experience within a global matrix of knowledge and expertise.

Joining the International Business Conference (ICMBF)

Participation in the International Conference (ICMBF) offers a multitude of engagement pathways. Whether you opt to be an oral or virtual presenter, submit a poster, seek publication in esteemed academic journals, or join as a regular participant, we eagerly anticipate your presence at this exceptional event.

Publication and Indexing Opportunities


All accepted and registered abstracts will secure a place in the esteemed Business Education Conferences Proceedings, ensuring electronic publication accompanied by an ISBN number. Additionally, each paper will be allocated a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) through Cross Ref, ensuring easy access and proper citation for your significant contributions.

Key Dates to Note

Remember these pivotal dates:

  • Call for Papers
  • Paper Publication
  • Registration Deadlines

Who Should Participate

This conference is open to all enthusiasts and professionals within the spheres of business, management, and finance, whether seasoned experts or budding scholars eager to contribute to the global discourse.

Meet Our Business Conference Audience

Anticipate engaging with a diverse cohort at the International Business Conference. Aspire to be acknowledged as the Best Presenter or Best Student at this international forum in 2024. Your dedication and expertise hold the potential to earn recognition and shape the trajectory of global research and knowledge.

Join Our Movement

Together, let’s pave the path for groundbreaking research and the evolution of knowledge.

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